The Quasar team looks forward to seeing you at BIOMEDevice

The Quasar team looks forward to seeing you at BIOMEDevice

Let’s find a time to meet and discuss how we can help with your product.

We are exited to showcase our special abilities in contract manufacturing for medical devices with companies in all stages of the product cycle in the great city of Boston.

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How to Conduct an OEM Audit for a Medical Contract Manufacturer

Conducting a medical device manufacturer audit, includes a multitude of items to examine. Especially when considering the gamut of OEM activities: from simpler manufacturing operations, to vertical production facilities. In this article we cover the most important items to consider, as well as some additional factors that demonstrate above average OEM operations.


EU MDR 2020: What to Expect

The EU MDR allowed a 3-year transition period for medical device manufacturers to comply. This runway ends in May 2020, where after the EU MDR comes into full effect. After this point, every part of the medical device supply chain from manufacturers to importers and distributors in the EU, will be required to comply.