Quasar passes FDA inspection with no 483 findings

An FDA audit was conducted from October 31 to November 3 at the Quasar manufacturing facility in Shenzhen. This is the second consecutive audit Quasar has passed, by the FDA, and the result with NO findings in non-conformance (no 483) endorses Quasar’s renewed commitment to being a qualified medical device manufacturer. Consistent with Quasar’s legacy of maintaining high quality standards, quality is focused on throughout the entire production process, starting from development, and maintained through all phases to manufacturing.


quasar launches new BRANDING

Quasar is pleased to launch its official new BRAND, revealing the company’s strategic change in direction to reflect its focus on the medical device market. Our NEW BRANDING


NPD | New Product Development

Manufacturing excellence begins in the planning stages, even before production commences. The company initiates the first phase, new product development (NPD) process in complete coordination with the customer.