Our advanced engineering services are provided to our customers as the first engagement to the manufacturing world. The expert engineering team of Quasar is multi-disciplinary and highly experienced in industry in general and specifically in mass production.

NPD (New Process Development) is a methodology for developing the production process for new products, which provides a clear process flow diagram (PFD) and assembly steps for critical stages to identify test processes. This preliminary stage removes major barriers at the initial mass production stage.

The NPD stage includes Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review and pre-process failure mode effect analysis (Pre-PFMEA). The Design for Manufacturing Process focuses on the transfer from the design stage to production, which purpose is to enable an efficient, fast, and faultless production process, by adapting, from an engineering perspective, the product, its components, or any elements associated with its assembly, to mass production, thus enabling an effective, fast and smooth production process.

The NPD process at Quasar is conducted by the engineering team of our Israel subsidiary – QIL.



Preliminary production portfolio comprising descriptions of the full production process, engineering conclusions, expected challenges and recommendations for production. These advanced processes enable a seamless product transfer from design to production, which ultimately leads to significantly increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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Complete manufacturing solutions from the end of the development phase, through the transition from development to production, and on to the mass
production phase.
Accompanying the product from its inception until it reaches the production line enables not only optimization of the production process and the meeting of schedules and budgets, but also compliance with the high quality standard that Quasar ensures.

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